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Shawn Rast It's stupid good. I met the guy behind this at a summer camp when I was in high school, and I love every track on it. Picking a favorite was tough - I enjoy all of them immensely. The entire album/EP is refreshing and different. Favorite track: Perfect World.
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This is a collection of songs written over the past 3 years. All songs were recorded by Parker McAnnally in houses in Birmingham, Auburn and Nashville.


released July 4, 2014

Michael Pace - vocals, guitar, bass, keys
Sam Thomason - drums

Produced, engineered and mixed by Parker McAnnally

Special thanks to all our friends and family for supporting our music and coming to our shows. Big thanks to Rip Briton for the music to Prizes. We'd like to thank Mitch McKoy, Calvin Davis, and John Sims for helping us along the way. Thanks for listening.

For booking, terinopace@gmail.com.



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Americo Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Blastin' Off
Blastin' off too the moon again
I got the stars in my eyes
People doubted I'd leave them
Without saying good bye

Hanging out with the goons again
Knowing nothing but troubles
People asking me questions
Do I think I am safe

Castin' off to the moon again
Will a light show me the way?
My moral compass is broken
I can't tell night from day

Breaking out of my cell again
I used the key in my heart
I think I'm seeing in double
Everything's fallin' apart
Track Name: Sled
I am walking to the toy store at last
I've been working every day for three months past

In my pocket (fa la la), $15.60
All I've wanted will soon be in my hands

At the counter is a man with oiled hands
He looks to me; does he know me or my plan
Track Name: Slingshot
What do you get from standing right next to me?
Why are you waiting if you know what it's supposed to be?
We grew apart but it all happened naturally

We were a pair but the fruit was never ripe
It was good, but nothing ever turned out right
Pick up the pieces and you'll seek what you find

Hold me close, pull me back
I'll take flight from your sling
The more you pull, the more I fly
Take your aim and just fire

I could never tell what was on your mind
I tried to share but it was just a waste of time
A step forward but always two behind
Track Name: Perfect World
In a perfect world there are two of you
One that shines and one that's always blue
They will never see, like the roots of a tree
Intertwined right below their feet

Playing hide and seek, promise not to peek
Close your eyes so that you can't see
It was me all along, couldn't leave you alone
There was more than just you and me
Track Name: Prizes
In my pocket I have all the answers
For 50 cents you can mount the alter
Walk right in and you'll hear all the laughter
Trade your tickets in for toys thereafter

Sticky palms and dusty carpets
All the dreams that you have ever wanted
Picture frame displays a world that glitters
A new adventure filled with nasty critters

You won a prize so grand and small
But you look you can fit it in my hand
Just take a look and see, how neat
How neat, how neat, it's me

It's always fun no matter how you choose
Keep on playing, time just doesn't matter
Darkened days filled with smiles of you
At the time there's nothing more you'd rather
Track Name: Time Keeper
I hope to see you my friend, I can't do this alone
You promised me you'd help me, now I beg you, come home
I've been fixing clocks all day but I've lost all my day
You could count every minute, but then you'd lose your whole life

Whenever a clock is wrong it rules me, it fools me
If I could change the time, who would I be?
What would I see?

Father likes it most when it is seven past nine
Honestly, I don't really have a favorite single time
My entirely life is just semantics, its pedantic
Just because a clock is wrong doesn't mean you're out of touch